We are proud of what our patients are saying about HBH.

Hendricks Behavioral takes great pride in knowing we have provided effective treatment for our patients and their time at HBH was meaningful.

Staff is genuinely nice. They try and accommodate all patients and their individual needs. I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone struggling.

S. M. C.

Their groups are informational. They accomplished my needs. The staff are laid back and funny. They talk to you like a human being. It has great food and the unit is spacious.

C. P.

Anna, the nurse practitioner is excellent. She made time for me when I needed her. She was patient and understanding. She took my feelings and wishes into consideration.


Additional remarks from our Patient Satisfaction Surveys.

Thanks for everything. I was kept well informed and felt that staff and doctors cared and I was just not a number. Awesome time, best of wishes.

No matter how much I wanted to go you helped me understand its best to stay. I learned that my impulse to flee isn’t always the best option and I need to learn how to cope with current feelings and not run from them.

I was very satisfied with everything. All I can say to all the staff, Dr., etc,  thank you for y’alls help.

Actually I cannot single anyone out as each staff member was exceptional in their own way. Thank you to all of the staff!

The service was great, the best I ever have had.

I have been in different facilities for mental health and this one is the best. The food is excellent and so is the shower. Everyone is nice.

Everyone was always willing to sit and talk with me over my fears, concerns, etc. Staff was kind and very supportive at all times, under all circumstances.

Overall I had a very good stay. I felt safe and protected. I also felt like I mattered. And the staff wanted to help me. I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone seeking treatment.

I am going to refer all my family and friends here!

EVERYONE was hardworking, caring, and spent a lot of individual time with people. You never had to wait for anything. Great employees, keep them!

Thank you so much to Dr. Sheward for wonderful and quick answers with my meds. I felt so much better so quickly and I was in awful shape. All nurses and staff were very kind and compassionate and I truly felt cared for here. Thank you so much for all of your help!! You saved my life. I have just been be-bopped around by others in the past with wrong meds and unkind people. This place truly is a blessing.

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