Hendricks Behavioral Hospital’s Activity Therapy Department includes Recreation Therapy, Music Therapy and several contracted services; fitness, yoga, pet therapy, and behavior management. Each discipline collaborates with an interdisciplinary treatment team and uses various activities as a form of active treatment in order improve patients overall functioning in the following areas of their lives; social, physical, cognitive, emotional, and independence. Any form of Activity Therapy can provide the following benefits for our patients; providing a sense of purpose, improve self-efficacy, improve mood, decrease anxiety, depression and boredom, provides healthy challenges, improve fitness, improve socialization, just to name a few!

One of our strongest contracted therapies is with Trevon Childs and his company Child’s Play Fitness. Trevon is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist. Through our partnership, Trevon is able to bring his knowledge and expertise to the hospital, to benefit our patients with training sessions 5-6 days a week, with every demographic within our hospital to offer either fitness sessions or nutrition education. Trevon states, “The name ‘Childs Play Fitness’ is centered around having the mindset that fitness is ‘A simple task or act,’ the literal dictionary definition of ‘Childs Play.’ The goal is to change the way you think about fitness so it’s not a daunting task, but more like second nature.” His services benefit our patients greatly and we are thankful to have that partnership.